Events 2017–2018

December14 ThursdayGuild Xmas Party Guild Headquarters, St George's Church, Battery Point, , Hobart

xmashorsebikeJoin in to celebrate yet another succesful year of Guild activity. Parking will be reserved upon request for our more elderly and frail members, so let us know. The usual Santa Sack (value of items not to exceed $5)(and may we add, if no contribution, then no presentation), raffle and door prizes, bring a plate for lunch and bring your wheel/needles/spindles/looms etc and something special for Show & Tell. Do you have some work or item of which you feel most proud this year? Rooms open from 9.30am.

Note: The Yarn Store will close at 11am, and not re-open until 25th January, so get you holiday stores NOW.

January7 SundaySt Distaff's Day Westbury Common Village Green, Westbury

spinningwheelcolourbackOld trees, dappled sunlight, green lawns, spinning wheels and lots of friends. What's not to like? Bring you wheel and workbag, a chair and lunch, and celebrate the formal start of the fibre year. An old tradition that Robert Herrick immortalised in his poem, "St Distaff's Day" where ploughmen and spinners played pranks on each other - 'Partly work and partly play', as a way of celebrating the last holiday of Christmas, and then return to the serious business of ploughing and spinning as work the next day.

20 SaturdayRoss Summer Day Ross, Tasmania

sheepiesmallJoin the fun and laughter on the lawn at Ross, the theme is Leftovers. 

Everyone has them. Those half balls of yarn, thrums from the end of weaving, bits of felt from a project and so on. We’re not talking about recycling here, just using up those odds and ends that we keep ‘just in case’ or just throw into a plastic bag or the cupboard. They can also be cones of yarn, fleece dyed etc, bought for one project but with a surplus when that project is completed. (or someone else’s left overs!!!!)

Now is the time to resurrect your discard stash and make something to bring to Ross Summer Day. Items need to have some elements of leftovers – 10% or more and we’re aiming to see if someone can achieve something with 100% left overs.

25 ThursdayGuild Hobart Rooms and Yarn Store Re-Open today Battery Point Rooms

yarnstoredorrsignHooray, the Yarn store and Guild rooms re-open and are ready for a fabulous 2018!

February2 FridayIsland Yarns Autumn Deadline

autumnleafContact the Editor, Tara,

with your contributions.

10 SaturdayUlverstone Open Day 10:00am Anglican Church, Ulverstone

ulverstonebadgeContact Dean Rivett for more information

17–18 SaturdayFelting Workshop with Anita Larkin, Deloraine, Tasmania

felttowersFirst of two workshops in Deloraine, this one Natural Forms. Cost is $194

For more information contact Allison Smith.

Numbers are limited. See Anita's website


20–21 TuesdayFelting workshop with Anita Larkin Deloraine

felttowersSecond of two workshops in Deloraine, this one Layered Resists. Cost $194

For more information contact Allison Smith

Numbers are limited. See Anita's website


24–25 SaturdayFelting Workshop With Anita Larkin Hobart

felttowersFelting workshop in Hobart, topic Natural Forms. Cost is $200

Contact Allison Smith for more information.

Please note, numbers are limited.

March3 SaturdayBothwell SpinOUT 10:00am – 4:00pm Bothwell Town Hall Lawns


Get along to the Bothwell SpinOUT "De-Stash Market Day"

11am; see a demonstration of Eco Dyeing with Julias Spencer.

1.30pm; hear a Q&A by Julitha Barber on the Longest Thread

2.30pm; see a demonstation of Julitha's lac-weight yarn spinning.

May4 FridayIsland Yarns Winter Deadline

sheepoutlineContact the Editor, Tara,

with your contributions.

23–27 WednesdayPoatina Weaving Retreat 2018 Poatina Village, Tasmania

willothewispbuttonVery early notice so you may save the date now.  :) The theme will be "Will-o'-the-Wisp".  The participant swap will be a pair of handwoven table napkins.

Inquiries and questions to Di Kearney via email.

Preliminary info blogged.

August3 FridayIsland Yarns Spring Deadline

flowercornerContact the Editor, Tara,

with your contributions.

September14–16 FridayBicheno 2018 retreat Bicheno

birdcrackedSave the date NOW. Enjoy a fantastic time next to the beach with loads of fellow spinners, weavers, felters and dyers. The theme will be Happy Hands and Funky Feet. Think socks, slippers, gloves, mittens - start planning your show and tell. Tamar Valley Spinners will be your host this year.

November2 FridayIsland Yarns Summer Deadline

palmtreesunContact the Editor, Tara,

with your contributions.