Bicheno 2018

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HAPPY HANDS & FUNKY FEET ~ 14th - 16th September   Registration Form

Bicheno is such a lovely place to spend a weekend, along with fellow spinners, weavers, felters and dyers. We come from all over the state for this weekend, enjoy each other's company, and get inspiration from what others are doing. There are workshops on heaps of different techniques run by amazing and enthusiastic volunteer experts within our do they know this stuff?

Some of the workshops on offer this year will include...

Dean: What is the ratio of your wheel? And what does this mean, how does it have any impact on your spinning?

Shirley: Last year's workshop on casting-on and binding-off was incredibly popular, so we asked for an encore.

Kim: Last year Kim brought beautiful brooches made of zippers - were they REALLY? they didn't look like zippers. The secret to making them will be revealed. Particpants may purchase a kit for $8 on the day, you will need to bring a piece of foam.

Northern Branch: Kool Aid dyeing workshop. Kool Aid is a soft drink mix that is used extensively in the USA for quick dyeing. Participants are asked to bring white or natural coloured wool.

Di: How to use garden trimmings, flowers, bark and leaves to naturally dye wool and fabrics. It's exciting to unwrap the parcels.

Geraldine: How to use long lustrous locks of wool in your spinning. Cuffs, collars and hats can be enhanced with features of locks. Also, a workshop on how to do the 'park and draw' with a spindle, so bring your spindles!

Beatrice: Putting together a T-shirt with woven sections. This sounds like a great follow-up to last year's Poatina weekend. This is a demo, so you only need to bring your interest, pen and paper to see when, where, how and why!

Wendy: Needle felting 'hands and feet'. Create tiny caricatures of hands and feet that can later be added to keychains etc. Participants are asked to bring small amounts of coloured tops for this.

We will also be featuring the following:

  1. Trade table. So bring items you want to sell or trade.
  2. Lucky dip for anyone who wants to be involved. Participants will donate a wrapped 100gms of tops, and then draw out at random another wrapped tops parcel.
  3. A Charity Auction, so any donations of hand made goodies would be appreciated.

The theme of this year's Bicheno is Happy Hands and Funky Feet, so bring along your best gloves, mittens, slippers, socks, stockings, muffs...anything you have worked on with hands or feet in mind. There will be a fashion show, and a show'n'tell.

So, remember to fill out the Booking Form in Island Yarns #256 and organise payment, with our two options, OR, print this Registration Form and put this weekend in your diary.