What a creative weekend with little indoor demos of Moebius knitting, Zip purses, Calendar boxes, Freeform crochet and Blended fibres whilst outside the pots were stirring with Indigo dyeing and frypan tube dyeing.  39 members stayed over and at least 12 extra day visitors attended the event. Everyone seemed to be actively participating or watching the demonstrations.

Stratie, as usual, had a very captive audience learning to make 'Upwolfing Felting'. Outside on Saturday we were treated to David Bresnehan and Beverley Schiller pointing out the main parts of a fleece. David threw a fleece and then began skirting it and explaining what he was doing, and why. Beverly had sample bags of fleece of varying qualities to show what can be found - cotted, tangled, vegetable matter etc.

Inside in one corner was the very creative Launceston group, blending many colours on their new Blending Boards. Quietly working in another corner were Jim and Allan. Jim weaving his cotton placemats, and Allan continuing his Campbell Town tartan.

The table decoration was won by the Deloraine group with their creative busy sheep. This had to be created from a mystery box presented to each table.

The fashion parade was introduced by Lady Edna in her fur stole before Kim entered as The Beach Babe, and Jenny followed as The Bag Lady! Dean wore braided items and showed his Brown Bear Bottom outfit to great laughter, before more traditional and wearable items were paraded. Well done everyone!

Sunday morning was a general show and tell of the many pieces completed over the weekend of workshops before Guild President Allan Shaw presented Ailsa Richards with a Service Certificate for all her valuable help in demonstrating at local shows and groups over many years.

The catering was fabulous with the Head Chef coming out to say hello on Sunday morning and express interest in our craft. The friendship and the sharing of ideas left us feeling enthusiastic for 2015! Look out Bicheno, we will be back.

The weekend was organised by members from Kingston, Burnie and Launceston. (Thank you all for volunteering!) Bicheno 2015 will be organised by ?

Many thanks to Robin Cox for the photos, hugely appreciated! If you have a caption for any of the images let me know.