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Queenstown Update blogged: End of 2018

Queenstown Gathering 4 Aug 2018:

An update on the group activities. We passed the 6 month milestone, I think we may survive! On average 8 - 9 people attend and all seem to enjoy themselves. Stratie gave a workshop on woven berets on cardboard looms, spread over two Saturdays as some folk missed the first one. I couldn't believe how much yarn these hats gobble up, great stashbusters! It was fun and the saying, "when in doubt add more colour", definitely applied.

At the November meeting we will be needle felting, Stratie again, of course. Clever woman!

Some of us also had a display at the Queenstown Hub and Library during Adult Learners Week. Stratie and Rob with all their felted art pieces and spindle spinning; Mary Burns with her Dorset Buttons, toothbrush rugs and Boro stitching on denim; Judy Devereau with her crochet, quilting and Dorset buttons, and me (Renate), with my handspun and plant-dyed jumpers, vests and berets. Quite diverse, but that's what we like about this group. All craft welcome. In such a small and isolated community it's the way to go.

Queenstown Group Inaugural Gathering: 5 May 2018:

Rain, wind, torrential rain, more wind and did I mention the rain!??!!! It was foul. Despite the weather five intrepid souls made it to our first spinners and weavers day here in Queenstown. Stratie and Rob from Zeehan came weighed down with spinning and weaving paraphernalia and lots of weaving show and tell. It was good to see her out and about again and enjoying herself. Mardi wants to learn spinning and brought a nice old Ashford traditional that needs a little work and a few new parts. Next month we will have her spinning. Judy needed help assembling her samples loom as she had put the instruction manual in "a safe place" never to be seen again. I know what that's like. Susan only came to observe but she let slip that she has done tapestry weaving on home made looms and has a room full of "stuff". Her stuff might surprise us. We had a fun day crafting and solving the worlds problems over many a cuppa and I filled two bobbins!
Look forward to the next one.