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Battery Point - changes to parking arrangements

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Renovations on St George's facade have begun.

St George's Anglican Church

As of Thursday 28th February,2019, Guild members will no longer be able to park in the church carpark. On the off chance that there is parking available in the church carpark, please leave those spaces available for our less-abled members. Please continue checking this page for updates, as the status of the car parking will be changing week to week.

Access to the Long Room, Library and Yarn Store will be from either Cromwell Street (via a path running alongside the Rectory to the entrance of the Yarn Store) or via St George's Park on De Witt Street. There is a pathway that runs alongside the rear of the church, with an access to the Yarn Store and Library.

Although it will be a challenging few months whilst renovation work continues, we look forward to some exciting meetings..

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