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Brighten Our World With Colour Challenge

This is the final week of our first challenge, with entries closing on Friday 24th April. We hope that seeing all the beautiful colour combinations our Guild members have come up with is brightening your day and inspiring you to go bright and cheerful!

First up in this week's submission are these great hats from Elizabeth.


Marjorie Lilley sent along pictures of these sweet little hats


Another guild member got clever with some pillow design, and used stash in the bargain.


And finally, these great slippers from Viv Crawford - don't they make you wanna dance?

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1 Comment

Apr 22, 2020

Looking at all these beautiful things, makes me want to meet the people who are so creative .

The world around us does not contribute to happy feelings ,but behind closed doors there is an activity and a glimpse of hope through colour.It makes me happy to think ,that I am one of this people who can brighten up somebody else's day .

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