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Virtual Dye Day

Guild President Di Kearney was busy last week. These skeins were dyed with Coreopsis.

Di tells us "Wool and silk dyed with Coreopsis flowers. The two large skeins were mordanted with alum. The tiny one was mordanted with rhubarb leaves. I have a small patch of Coreopsis growing in the garden. I have been collecting the flowers with the stalks (no leaves) for the last couple of seasons and drying them. I used these for the dyeing. In terms of what the fresh weight would have been I probably had a ratio of plant material to yarn of approximately 3 to 1. The dye bath looked like a strong orange and gave the brightest yellow I have ever seen from a dye bath. Stronger or brighter than it looks on this photo. The silk is the most gorgeous gold.

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