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Virtual Dye Day - Wheat and brass

We all love Eucalyptus cordata and the colours we get when eco dyeing. Di Kearney has achieved some interesting results here using different modifiers and wool.

Di said "I have had a large garbage bag full of leaves and some bits of stalks lying around from when our Cordata tree died 2 - 3 years ago. I soaked them for several days and they gave an orange colour in the water but I could see that it was not strong.  After dyeing I removed one skein from the bath with some of the dye bath water so it could cool down and continue to soak.  To the others I added a weak iron modifier. The darker silk one is the modified one. The colours are a bit more golden than they appear in this photo. I have christened these two "wheat" and "brass." The other skein is the oddment skein of plied natural coloured yarn. (Wool and Alpaca) and the lighter colour has turned a khaki green."

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