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Virtual Poatina - the back story

As Poatina Weaving Retreat was postponed a few members decided they would like to meet via ‘zoom’ and have a Virtual Poatina. The theme was to remain as Day/Night, Dark/Light. Although, as is usually the case, you could interpret the meaning as you wished, or do any theme you preferred.

We had a group of eight, some were there each time we met, others as time allowed. It was really interesting, and enjoyable, to chat about what we were planning and then to see the results. Projects are still ‘works in progress’ but all well on the way.

Virtual Poatina will never replace actual Poatina but it was time well spent, sharing and meeting up with fellow weavers. Photos and stories can be found [here]on the Guild’s website blog.

Vivienne Crawford

[Editors note: Over the next week enjoy everyone's story about each of the pieces shown in this gallery.]

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