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Brighten Our World With Colour - Round Two

Round two of the challenge starts out with a pic of an entry that was posted to Instagram, but didn't make it to the blog - ah, the vagaries of posting to multiple platforms.

Let's start with this entry from Lien Steenekamp who made this handy little bag from stash on her inkle loom.

Next we have this Travel Pillow/Rug duo. The pillowslip is attached to the back of the rug and the rug then folds in three to fit into the pillowslip made by Lynette Karpiniec.

From Karen Vincent we have this ISO collection - "This photo shows my record of daily production since isolation. Alpaca/merino blend spun & dyed mostly with commercial dyes. Yes I recall saying this wasn't worth the effort when I already have a complete colourful yarn collection for two lifetimes of knitting. But - it becomes rather addictive! The phone camera doesn't quite capture the colours which often included little flecks & gorgeous tones."


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