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My Long Lock Down in Hobart

In October 2019 I came back from Copenhagen to spend a few months with my son, daughter, and grandkids.

My husband came for Christmas and went back to Denmark in February. In April 2020 I was to go to Denmark as well. Suddenly this virus crept across the world. I postponed my trip to August, then to November 2020 and so on. On Australia day 2021 in Oatlands, I met very friendly people spinning outside on the footpath. It did not take long, and I was invited to come to the group in Hobart.

Remembering my broken spinning wheel, I had stored away since the 80’s, Jane assured me Ken in the guild can help to fix it. So, it all started. I was amazed by the help and welcoming friendliness.

After 2 weeks I was spinning. Before I finished my first yarn Eric and Joy invited me to do weaving on the floor loom set up by Eric. The result was a tea towel. My daughter thought it was great and it became a much-loved table runner. Next came the release of all the workshops. I have booked into 4 of them. Impressed by Viv’s clothes and weaving I got inspired and now I have woven my first 2 metres of cloth.

I could not have done any of that if I had not had the support and help from the guild members. Everybody is so friendly and supportive. Never in my life have I joined a group that was so welcoming, friendly, and sharing generously their great knowledge and expertise. I love the show and tell, and I’m impressed and inspired by the beautiful, professional, and artistic work I have seen.

I have learned a lot and have become hooked on weaving. Particularly when I started weaving, I woke up in the night and saw threads, warps, and wefts in many colors. To join the guild was not just a silver lining during Covid, it has become a treasure that I will always have. Thank you everyone.

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