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Poatina Diary

Written by Kerry

Day 1. As a first-time attendee and new member of the guild I felt awkward and unsure of my “place” in the hall, the chalet and the dining tables but each person I was introduced to or had already met made me feel so welcome. Overwhelmed by the kindness, conversation and wealth of knowledge offered by all and the fact that people had organised the thing.

Day 2. Seeing all the patterns in the day’s activities and the looms in the different rooms – the noisy room, quiet room and silent concentration room. Given unstinting help and hint after hint for my weaving. “Thrums,” “clasp weaving,” “wave shuttles,” and “don’t be afraid to break the rules.”

The venue a lovely surprise – like Canberra in the early sixties and staffed by kind, genuine people. There is a coffee shop, art gallery, op shop, gift shop and general store but best of all, Poatina has its own postcards so I’m happy!

Day 3. I feel like I fit in. Can’t imagine a better way to strengthen weaving skills than to have the extended learning time and the oh-so generous assistance. The socialising is pleasant and heart-warming. The Yarn Store is represented and I have the chance to buy a wave shuttle brought up especially from Hobart. Wow!

Day 4. Weaving show and tell; visits from Poatina residents and children who show interest in the efforts of all the guild weavers; a give-away table; exchange bags; members explaining how and what they did to create awe inspiring fabric or articles of clothing and … more weaving!

Day 5. Sad to say farewell to all the wonderful people . Help clean out the hall fridge, help pack away the hall furniture and know that I am happy with the whole experience and want to book in already for future workshops.

If you’re not sure about the value of the experience be assured that it’s great. See you in 2022.

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