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Virtual Poatina

For Virtual Poatina I thought that I would try to weave a scarf with shades of grey and a touch of pink. My inspiration - dusk to dawn; shades of the night relates to the theme for Poatina Weaving Retreat for this year, which is about darkness and light or day and night.  Where I live on the Tamar River we get wonderful sky scapes often also reflected.  in the water. The late evening and very early morning light can be very special with clouds and river mists creating special effects.

The weave is an 8 shaft undulating twill with fancier treadlings at each end. The warp is natural silk and the weft is all hand-dyed. The weft yarns are left-overs from other projects. The shading is a bit of an experiment and I am learning as I go. The dyeing is a bit uneven so there are additional effects, maybe not always what I would like, but a bit like the changing skies that we see from our windows.

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