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Virtual Dyeing Workshop - Postscript

Di Kearney managed to sneak in one more go at the dye pots after the official end to the Virtual Dyeing challenge.

Her postscript as follows:

"When I got home I continued with my Madder dyeing as I had kept the dye bath. From the left the first skein is from the first dyebath. The 2nd skein (silk) is from the 2nd dyebath.  The silk was not mordanted and I added chalk to the dyebath towards the end and it has ended up with a purplish tint to the pink. The 3rd skein is from the 3rd  use of the dyebath. This is wool that had been mordanted with alum and cream of tarter. For the 4th dyebath I used 3/5ths of the madder bath and 2/5ths of ledt over dye from the old Cordata leaf dyebath and this has given it a more orange shade. All of these 3 lots of dyes were allowed to dry and were cured for 3 to 4 days before rinsing."

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