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A Number of Innovative and Useful Ideas Noticed at Poatina

Di has been dealing with some tension issues on her warp and has compiled some of her own ideas and some she found at Poatina, for solving the issue.

Just before Poatina I realised that I could keep my metal cross sticks attached to the back bar of my Erica if I wanted to by attaching them to the back bar with Velcro cable ties which come in a range of sizes. Many of us have trouble getting the Texsolv cord holding the cross sticks to stay around the tops of the uprights while we wind warps on or while threading so I thought I would try the Velcro ties on the top. This seems to help but they can still slip along unless really tight so I have added some other plastic cable ties that are able to be unlocked. They don't close right across but fit tightly.

I have been looking for something with 2 channels rather than rubber bands that could hold the cross sticks so that they don't slip out , which can be a bit devastating. While looking at cable ties I came across these. They fit but are still a bit loose so I am thinking of wrapping a bit of sticky tape around the rods so that they fit more tightly. Maybe someone has seen something better?

With the cord organisers (double channel cord holders) I subsequently thought I'd try gluing the cut ends together but couldn't get that to work. Came up with a much easier solution. Wrapped sticky tape around tightly several times and now they work a treat! This photo shows green cloth tape wrapped around but I have also added some sticky tape around the metal bars underneath as this is also helping to hold them better.

Jennifer’s solution. Large plastic clips as used in offices. The thread has been wrapped around large paper clips inside the plastic clips.

Kaye’s solution. Toilet rolls used to wrap the thread around and plastic peg type clips to add weight.

Amanda’s solution. Large S hooks can add enough weight and can be used directly on individual or on several threads.

Kumihimo bobbins used to weight floating selvedge threads.

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